When will this ever end?

April 22, 2013 1 comment

Last week we had an atrocity, not a tragedy, happen in one of America’s most historic cities. This was the first successful terrorist attack on our soil since 09/11/2001 but not the first attack under this weakened administration. Just a quick reminder of our four murdered hero’s in Benghazi that this President refuses to investigate or pursue. During the same week of the attacks in Boston, Obama lost the battle in weapon bans and restrictions and stood in the rose garden to admonish the Senate for doing their job in voting down an unconstitutional weapons restriction. Today his administration announced that terrorist number 2 will be read his Miranda rights and tried in US courts. This seems to have upset a large portion of Americans especially Conservatives.

When I look at the entire situation two things stick out to me. First is the complete lockdown of a city and its suburbs because of one individual and the forceful door to door searches of private homes. These searches were conducted by local law enforcement, federal agencies and the military. Does this not concern anyone else?  When did we, as Americans, agree to give up our 4th amendment rights and allow involuntary searches of our homes? I thought to myself what would I do and how is this being allowed. I remembered then, that Massachusetts has extremely restrictive gun laws and the majority of homes do not have firearms making the “chance” of armed resistance to be at a minimum.

This is what the Liberals have been striving for, for a number of years, a society that has no ability to stand up and say “NO”. A society that has no ability to stop forceful searches of their person or home, a society that is unable to invoke the 4th amendment, which is quoted below.

   The right of the people to be secure in their persons, houses, papers, and effects, against unreasonable searches and seizures, shall not be violated, and no Warrants shall issue, but upon probable cause, supported by Oath or affirmation, and particularly describing the place to be searched, and the persons or things to be seized.

Ironically this is the same amendment that the administration is affording a terrorist for killing 4 Americans and injuring hundreds more but found it so easy to remove from Americans.

Then Diane Feinstein takes to the airwaves of FOX news on Sunday with Chris Wallace. When Chris Wallace, tiptoed around this subject the great Feinstein finally admitted that Americans didn’t need assault weapons or weapons with high capacity magazines to protect themselves. She admitted that Americans only needed a 12 gauge shotgun. The link is below and I strongly suggest you take one minute and listen in case you missed it.


Some of you who read this will think that the illegal search of American’s homes allowable under the circumstance sort of ends justifies the means. I ask you when it would NOT be allowable if it were your home. I had the opportunity to investigate several homicides in my career and not once was I ever allowed to forcefully enter a home to investigate or search. I found that frustrating sometimes but I never crossed that line because I believe in the Constitution and whatever I found I knew would not be allowed. Where does it end, when is OK for the Military to occupy your town and forcefully enter your home? Me personally it would never be allowed as I have the capability to protect my family. Do you ever wonder if the citizens were armed would these two murderers have selected Boston?

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Who is the Liar?

April 20, 2013 3 comments



A recent study this week showed only 4%, yes that is correct 4%, of Americans even care about the Obama gun control plan. Yet he has the audacity to tell all of us that it is a “Shameful” day in Washington politics with the Senate voted the bill down. He parades victims’ families in front of the cameras and ships them in to sit through the Congressional vote. Has anyone asked who paid for these families to travel and stay in DC? Here is a little known video from Thursday of Eric Cantor testifying at his budget hearing. Take a minute and listen to this idiot refuse to answer the glaring question as to why virtually no one is ever prosecuted under the existing background checks and fraud. The dismal numbers are mesmerizing and the exact reason we do not need any more restrictive gun legislation. It is a perfect example of how this administration goes in front of the camera, lies to the American people and then pouts when their agenda is shot down.

Was anyone else just completely offended and embarrassed with the behavior of our leader? Does anyone else wish he would have been as upset about four dead American Heroes in Benghazi? Obama took to the microphone and admonished United State Senators for voting in line with their constituents, which in essence is admonishing the citizens of the United States. This arrogant, pompous, loser dared to call the NRA “liars” and blame them for deceiving the American public, which again indicates he thinks us, the American citizens, are incapable of knowing what is best for us and portrays us as panting dogs following the NRA Machine. Again he completely underestimates the intelligence of the average United States citizenry and the United States Constitution.

Just to keep the playing field even I thought I would list a few lies of Obama’s over the last few years, yes I called them as they are, LIES.

1) You can keep your own doctor with Obamacare (LIE)
2) There is no such thing as death panels in Obamacare(LIE)
3) The attacks on Benghazi were the direct result of an offensive video made by a racist.(LIE)
4) Taxes will be raised on the richest 1% and will never be raised on the middle class(LIE)
5) Operation Fast and Furious was started under the Bush administration (LIE)
These are just the first 5 lies that came to me, feel free to leave any lies not listed here, in the comments.

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